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““The clearest way into the Universe is through
a forest wilderness.”

- John Muir - 

Plants carry a physical, energetic and biochemical signature that wants to assist us into greater health and wisdom for the benefit of all. We can access this assistance in a number of ways, from simply sitting with a plant to processing its roots, leaves, branches, berries and blooms to distilling its essence. Plants are inherently adaptable, resilient and unwavering in their purpose, place and being on this Earth.

I am honored to work with the plant's essence, more specifically its biochemical essential oil and its spirit essence. This aromatic nectar, when used with intent, is a potent physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ally that can clarify and ease our travel through the deepest of transitions and transmutations.

Welcome support for your inner and outer travels with a custom crafted plant essence oil that will assist you with where you are and where you want to be.

How I work:

Creating a personal oil is a very intimate experience - much like getting a spiritual reading or counseling session. We discuss what issues/energies are currently at play for you and what you are willing/wanting to create or magnify in your life. Sometimes this may not feel clear, don't worry if you don't know, we will work together to identify the most resonant and clear direction available to us in the moment. This guidance can be done in person or over the phone.

With your current intentions clarified and energetics defined, I begin asking for assistance for you in the form of plants. This information can arrive quickly or more slowly, the process is as unique as you are. When I feel I have enough volunteers, I begin blending your oil. This takes 3-5 days, so the brew has time to sit and coalesce between blending sessions.

When the blend is complete, I create a diary of your oils, their purpose and benefit, and offer some suggested practices for use.

The entire process will take anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks, depending. To order please visit:  Once you place your order, I will follow up within 24 hours to set up our session.

More On Essential Oils Here:

Essential Oils, most simply explained, are plants intentionally grown and harvested for distillation into a concentrated liquid form. This concentrated form, not only captures the unique scent of the plant, but also its medicinal biochemical properties. Similar to herbal tinctures and teas, when used regularly, Essential Oils have the ability to balance the body (be it the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body) into a desired direction.

The applications and impacts of Essential Oils are as numerous as we are unique.

When inhaled, the scent "lights up" our nervous system, influencing our perceptions, our thought processes and emotional states. Our ability to plug into a memory, break out of a particular mental/emotional loop, clarify our spiritual vision, soften our heart or invoke a sense of peace within can be magnified with the help of a chosen plant or blend of plants.

When applied to the skin, the oils are absorbed into the bloodstream, influencing the physical mechanics and sensations of our body. From increasing or decreasing circulation to relieving muscle aches and pains to enlivening cold, stagnant tissues to balancing and healing skin conditions.

We can thoughtfully use this plant medicine, from assisting to inspire your daily meditation or breathwork practice to mitigating stress in the work place to sparking more creativity to reducing anxiety to easing physical tension to simply wanting to wear a natural perfume. Every time you use an Essential Oil, with a specific intention in mind, you not only “touch” in on that intention, helping to keep a part of you focused on the experience you are looking to create, but you also receive the tangible biochemical benefits of the plants.


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