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Tanya M. Hughes, LMT, CCT
Restorative ~ Balancing
Body, Breath, & Belly work
Massage Cupping & Aromatics

“We are all just walking each other home.”
- Ram Dass - 

Life is anything but linear.  We are living in an extraordinary time and have the extraordinary blessing to participate in the creation of a beautiful and authentic life that reflects the wonder of who we are.


I am on a path, just like you, just like everyone.  My path has taken me deep into the physical body, the emotional body and the energetic body – though they are all One body.  I am fascinated by our individual stories, aspirations, challenges and ability to change within the blink of any eye.  I am committed to being present, living a creative life, and co-creating a world of peace, ease, compassion and joy, by simply being True to myself.


I offer one-to-one healing sessions and group breathwork classes that draw from the many healing modalities and areas of self-study that I have participated in.  The work I offer is both informed through formal study and intuitive guidance.  Using the universal and timeless tools of bodywork, breathwork, energy work, aromatherapy, meditation, focusing, body awareness practices, and more -

I can assist you into greater cohesion, balance and ease.  

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